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About Serene Action

The name Serene Action was coined by a client, quite why her thank you note included this recommendation I am not sure; perhaps she considered Martin Smith too bland (the name not me).  There is some more information about me on my self titled page Martin Smith.  Whatever her reasons I say thank you as this name sums up exactly what I do.



calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil


the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim

(an online dictionary)


Too often things just aren’t as easy as we think they should be; but why?   When we find ourselves at the mercy of an unhelpful person we can quickly resolve this in our own mind; the person is being difficult.   Not so easy when the manual says press the third button, you press the third button and do not get the expected result.  No matter how many times you turn it off and then back on again the third button is not doing as any self respecting third button should?

And then there is the task that depends upon you; there are just too many to list.  And listing any here risks casting doubt in your mind, so go ahead and think of one for yourself.  Keep it small, the kind of thing you are looking for would be easy to do and you have the skill or know how you just haven’t done it; and why?

There is a fairly clunky management calculation that states:


Ability x Motivation = Productivity


Why Clunky? This is clunky because it oversimplifies how we work, we can dive into more detail on this when talking about specific objectives.


More about Serene Action

I use a variety of Hypnotherapy techniques to help craft a preferred approach either one to one or in a group setting and the results can be  impressive.  While a group setting works well for some objectives and setting up the first steps of plans like Weight Loss (The Fantasy Diet), one to one work offer the opportunity to resolve specific aims.

You can find out more about booking a one to one or group appointment on the Bookings Page.  And there is more information about examples of applications on the Themes page.

So what about dealing with that third button that doesn’t want to do as expected?  Well perhaps you need to take a different approach, I may not be ready to help with your tech but will be pleased to get you in the right frame of mind to find the solution.


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