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About Serene Action

Serene Action is my Hypnotherapy brand, where in a Serene fashion I help people change their approach to achieve better outcomes.  Watch the video for more information with practical examples or scroll down to read more details.


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calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil


the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim

(an online dictionary)


Being prepared to change our approach, is probably the most influential action we can take to improve our outcomes.  A change of approach could mean gaining some additional insight or simply pausing long enough to notice what should be obvious.  All too often we refuse to change our approach.  Or we create the illusion of change, enough to convince ourselves we are learning and adapting while having no positive effect on our results.  This can be a huge waste of time and effort.


A Change for the Better

We can be a bit funny about change, the idea of a change can sound nice; a change for the better.  That is so long as it is not us that needs to do the changing.  When the Boss comes in and says,  ‘There are going to be changes around here.’  It can lead to some defence mechanism coming into play.

Serene Action - Change try me

Have you ever been convinced you know how to complete a task, and while the results are somewhat questionable you insist you have it right?  So much so that you only become more determined to ‘prove’ you have it right?  This is madness, if you know can’t get three eggs in a bowl, what makes you think you could mange six – that makes sense if you’ve watched the video!


Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

(Albert Einstein)


Practice can only make perfect if through practice we learn and adapt.  And yet as we become more determined (great to get motivated) we can continue under some kind of spell to believe that next time ‘it’ will work.


Hypnotherapy and Change

Hypnotherapy can help with change in several ways, for examples:

  • Acceptance current outcomes
  • Insights into required changes
  • Techniques to adapt automatic strategies
  • Motivation and Focus

In some cases the smallest of changes can have a huge impact on the outcomes, if only we could accept that and make the change.  There are often good reasons why we approach tasks and situations in certain ways, changing these approaches is not always easy.

We can trick ourselves into thinking we have made changes, while essentially continuing just as we were.  This kind of mindset is undesirable in other people and crazy when dealing with ourselves!


More about Serene Action

I use a variety of Hypnotherapy techniques to help craft a preferred approach either one to one or in a group setting and the results can be  impressive.  While a group setting works well for some objectives and setting up the first steps of plans like Weight Loss (The Fantasy Diet), one to one work offer the opportunity to resolve specific aims.

You can find out more about booking a one to one or group appointment on the Bookings Page.  And there is more information about examples of applications on the Themes page.


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