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Martin Smith

Hypnotherapist and Self Proclaimed Realist

From a career centred in Operations Management  Martin became very aware that plans need action. As a freelance Hypnotherapist under the brand Serene Action, Martin works with groups and individuals to resolve the familiar break between knowledge of what is needed and assembling the motivation to do it.

How often do you get asked what you do, or what business you are in? That is a fairly common enquiry, right?  Answer well and more questions may follow; these are some of my regulars.


What is a Hypnotherapist & What do Hypnotherapists Do?

In short, a Hypnotherapist uses Hypnosis as the doorway to help people make changes.  Too often we find ourselves conflicted between logic and emotion, perhaps knowing what we should do, but not getting it done.  Or perhaps there is a need to clear the head and create some space for a decision to take place.

I help clients do this; create space for thinking and then engage positive strategies for achievement.


What’s Hypnotherapy?

The term Hypnotherapy brings together the two words Hypnosis and Therapy.  This is an elegant pairing, getting quickly to the process of using Hypnosis in a therapeutic setting.  The Hypnosis helps to bridge logic and emotion; resolving conflicts makes way for new approaches.


Does Hypnosis really work? & Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Two similar questions I get asked and the answer is equally similar.  Yes, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy do work. For some the effect is like a sudden bolt of enlightenment for others the effects are more subtle and steadily paced.


What led you to be a Hypnotherapist?

Getting a positive Kick out of something engages our emotions and energy in useful ways.  From when I first listened to a Hypnosis tape (you remember those things, right?) I got the positive and have been an advocate ever since.

From that first tape I saw huge potential for change, when I found myself having a clash of logic and emotion it appeared obvious to visit a Hypnotherapist.

The many aspects of hypnosis weave together to provide an enjoyable experience, you have the option of simply taking some timeout to clear your head or seeding some changes.

I believe the use of Hypnosis and various associated techniques remains underappreciated and I thrive on promoting the powerful thought processes we all possess.

Today I encourage the use of Hypnosis and similar techniques to help people achieve their objectives, this could include doing less not more!


So what did you do before Hypnotherapy?

My early interests were in Hospitality, for which I have a degree, this naturally led to Hotel Management.  Being a Duty Manager played to my skills; there was always a department needing an extra pair of hands.

After a short spell in advertising and a return to the Hotel trade my attention became divided as my autistic Son rapidly required more of my time.  Through an unlikely chain of events I found myself as a Director of a large Taxi company; shortly after becoming the Operations Manger.

This was an enjoyable period, I was pleased to upgrade the business and complete a successful sale.  It provided a good exit strategy for the shareholders; myself included.  After a busy year working with the new owners I chose to move on; sometimes you know you have completed your role.

For the first time in several years I took time think where I wanted to go next; without stopping to think we can easily find ourselves far away from what we may have once intended.  This seemed the right time to do something different.

The sale of the taxi company provided some financial breathing space, coupled with some private chauffeuring work stability arrived.  Now came the opportunity to formally pursue Hypnosis.

It is a natural fit for me, throughout education and work my interest in resolving other peoples’ challenges rather than my own has prevailed.  Hospitality was enjoyable for two main reasons, providing good experiences to customers and diving in helping in all departments.  It wasn’t all fun, sometimes I had to do my own work like stock taking and payroll.

The Taxi business was similar, providing a service and resolving issues as they arose. With around 300 drivers, plus office staff, negotiating with all kinds of people to a positive end became a skill.

The approach I take with Hypnotherapy revolves around understanding of client desires, negotiating obstacles and building strategies; it is a form of customer care.


What Qualifies you as a Hypnotherapist?

Opinions remain mixed whether you need formal training, personally I think yes.

Suitably recognised training programmes allow registration with formal bodies like the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). My formal Hypnotherapy training followed the NGH syllabus.  The NGH course includes the teaching and examination of theory and practical skills.

Hypnotherapy also featured on the syllabus of my Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training.  The NLP Practitioner certificate also includes the teaching and examination of theory and practical skills.

Additionally, regular workshops and training events keep me up to date with current thinking and widen my skill set.


What is Hypnotherapy good for?

Once you appreciate the many approaches and processes Hypnotherapy can take it becomes clear that the breadth of uses is vast.  The approach taken to modify a behaviour for one person may be inappropriate for another; there is a requirement to understand the triggers.

For the most part our actions result from logic or emotion, in the absence of a planned strategy emotion will take control.  By creating and installing good strategies we can begin to take control.


How much does hypnosis cost UK?

Hypnosis can be experienced in a variety of settings for entertainment and therapy.  My professional use of Hypnosis is always based around therapy and this can be one to one or in a group setting. Charges are fairly consistent between Hypnotherapists; personally my standard initial consultation is £20 (twenty pounds) for up to 50 minutes, then, £ 50 (fifty pounds) for 50 minutes with some package discounts.  Take a look at the Bookings Page for full prices.


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