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Really straight forward . . . send me an email:  martin@sereneaction.com, use the form or telephone: 07446 188 281 (Martin or Joanne).  Standard initial consultation fee £ 20 (twenty pounds).  More information below.


1. Get in Contact

To get in contact please email, use the form or telephone Martin or Joanne 07446 188 281 (you may need to leave a message for call back).

2. Explain Interest

I will get in touch by your preferred method (make sure you provide details) for some outline details.

3. Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation is for us to discuss and evaluate the route forward.  You may choose to end the consultation at anytime; here is a link to our Code of Conduct.


Consultation Fees

Some programmes of work have a set prices and schedules, otherwise standard sessions are 55 minutes each;  payments can be made by cash or card.


Discount Vouchers:

Discount vouchers are issued from time to time with an expiration date, the discount offered is applicable to payments made during the period – this could be for a package as below that completes after the expiration date.  Please advise at time of booking if using a discount voucher.


One to One Appointments:

Initial appointment: £ 20

Single appointment: £ 50

Double Length appointment: £ 90

Package of four single appointments: £ 180

Note: Appointments at locations other than Bath and Bristol may carry a surcharge when they do not coincide with other bookings in same location.

To receive the package discounts payment is required at time of booking, in the event any sessions are not required a refund will be made.  Refunds will be based on charging sessions taken at the single appointment price.  If a Discount Voucher has been used the discount level will still apply to the revised price.

If you have a preferred location please advise for price details, generally an alternative location in Bath will be charged at the same rate as above.

Missed appointments without 24 hours cancellation may be chargeable – see Terms and Conditions.


Group Presentation

Prices available on request based on location and length of time required.


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