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I think use hypnosis is pretty good advice for most people. Some days I say use hypnosis so much that it feels like I am on some kind of campaign trail.

Spoiler alert, we do experience types of hypnosis in everyday life; more on that later.

A general understanding of hypnosis is important, otherwise I come off sounding like some kind of crank.  So where might we get ideas about hypnosis from?


Hypnosis Experience:

I think it is fair to say entertainment is the most common exposure most people currently have.  And there is more entertainment value in having someone perform in a peculiar or curious way than there is in having them resolve an internal conflict or improve their focus, for example.

Rather like we find more entertainment in watching special effects in films than we would seeing the computer code that produced them. Although the phenomena achieved by hypnotists for entertainment, endorses the effectiveness of hypnosis.

To appreciate how hypnosis can be useful beyond entertainment requires some understanding. A short overview should help.


What is hypnosis:

There are many definitions for hypnosis, I think the best umbrella term is ‘a focussed state of attention.’

We all experience hypnosis in our own way, the common benefit is how this state allows us to think in different ways, to find new strategies and solutions.


Everyday Hypnosis:

As per my spoiler we all experience hypnosis in daily life.  This can occur organically, perhaps presenting as one of those dreamy zoned out moments. For example when Drivers arrive their destination but can’t recall all of the journey.

Also there are the hypnogogic and hypnopompic stages as we enter and exit sleep, a time where we have a semi-conscious awareness. Or perhaps when we just relax and let our minds wander.

You can deliberately create a hypnotic experience either alone, what we term as ‘self hypnosis’ or in collaboration with a hypnotist. Although in reality all hypnosis is self hypnosis as you are always in control and will not defy your beliefs.


Develop your Hypnosis skills:

Entering hypnosis at will is a skill, a skill that can be improved with practice. The more competent you are, the more techniques you can work with for greater benefits.  Hypnotherapy is when we utilise hypnosis for change.

Hypnotherapy has potential to work with most things affected by our own internal thoughts and dialogue. The stories we tell ourselves, that can either aid or restrict us.

This does give rise to a vast list of applications, from pain relief and diet control to sports performance, stress reduction and learning.


So what could you use hypnosis for?

Hypnosis is not a panacea for every pain and problem, although the range of positive uses is vast. The main areas I work on with clients are:

  • Weight loss
  • Motivation
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Pain Management


How can you develop your hypnosis skills?

Developing your hypnosis skills takes practice, just like many other skills. A good starting point is my free audio download, Relax and Reflect.  This is a progressive relaxation audio, a popular choice in therapy settings.

Alternatively you can book individual or group appointments.  Developing your general hypnosis skills could be valuable when a specific need arises.

In the meantime why not consider booking a group relaxation or self hypnosis session.  If appropriate you may welcome The Workday Relax.

For dealing with low energy during the day please take a look at my Nappuccino post.


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