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The range of changes that can be worked on with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is almost limitless; the list below gives some common examples and each is a link for further information.

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

It is hardly possible to miss media attention towards obesity and the challenge to lose weight for more than a few days.  With masses of advice and a wide range of diet plans available how can anyone fail in their weight loss mission?  Read this page for more information about how hypnotherapy can help you lose weight . . . . read more.

The Fantasy Diet

Why are there so many diet and weight loss plans? Surely there must be a valid option for everyone; perhaps the hurdle is more about commitment. The Fantasy Diet engages you with Hypnotherapy to resolve commitment and other issues.  Read this page to find out more about weigh loss with the Fantasy Diet . . . . read more.

Habit Changing Hypnotherapy

When we recognise and take charge of our Habits the door for change swings wide open.  Read this page to get an overview of habits, how we can work with them and have fun changing habits with hypnotherapy . . . . read more.

Pain Relief and Hypnotherapy

Experiencing pain is not only noticeably uncomfortable, it also affects cognitive bandwidth, not only do we suffer the discomfort our effectiveness is also reduced.  Helping reduce and manage pain with Hypnotherapy is personally fulfilling.  Read this page for information about pain and using Hypnotherapy for pain relief. . . . read more.

Stress Calming Hypnotherapy

We causally use the term Stressed; ironic really!  Stress and Lifestyle go hand in hand, read this page for more about Stress,  Lifestyle and Stress Calming Hypnotherapy. . . . read more.

Confidence Building Hypnotherapy

Confidence is closely linked to competence, or at least our own perception of this.  There are a variety of ways we can use Hypnotherapy to modify this perception.  Read this page to get an overview of Confidence Building Hypnotherapy. . . . read more.

Sports Performance Hypnotherapy

Whether you are a professional sports person, a dedicated amateur or a more relaxed, ‘why not give it s shot kind of person’.  You would be of a very rare breed not to care about performance; read this page to learn more about how Hypnotherapy improves sports performance. . . . read more.

Master Phobias with Hypnotherapy

Having phobic responses can range from being annoying to stressful.  Read this page about phobias to learn how to Master Phobias with Hypnotherapy. . . . read more.


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